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Personalized nutrition & lifestyle 
using the latest in nutrigenetic testing.

Functional nutrition is about preventing chronic disease through an emphasis on high quality, nutrient dense foods and a lifestyle that promotes health, physical fitness and restoration.    

What is functional nutrition?

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Meet Joi


Hello! I am a functional and integrative nutritionist and a registered dietitian. I love helping people find their best health through realistic and enjoyable eating and fitness plans. 


One of the most exciting developments in nutrition today is nutrigenetic testing and nutrigenomics, a tool that helps determine how your body interacts with your diet, your exercise and your lifestyle. This interaction can impact both health and disease.


Your daily choices have the power! Healthy choices can switch on protective genes to promote health and longevity. Conversely, poor choices can promote unhealthy metabolism.


Knowledge of your nutrigenomics helps to further personalize a nutrition and fitness plan that will serve you best.  Working together to incorporate your personal preferences, we can build an eating and lifestyle strategy that not only benefits your genetic uniqueness, but that you will enjoy and find easy to maintain.


My services are offered virtually to individuals living in Massachusetts. I'll meet with you through teleconferencing at your convenience. Please reach out today for additional information or to book a complimentary meet and greet session.


I look forward to hearing your story! 


Every Day is a Fresh Start


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What is nutrigenomics?

Nutritional genomics is about how food or food components interact with genes. This interaction may impact health and disease. You cannot change your genes, but you can impact the function or expression of certain genes through your daily diet and lifestyle choices.

Recipes & Meal Plans 


Clients will be given access to Living Plate Meal Plans & Recipes designed for their unique nutrition recommendations.  


Food can often be your best medicine!


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